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Big Brother 15 Premiere Recap: MVP Details Revealed


The 16 new HouseGuests entered the Big Brother 15 house Wednesday night and we’ve already got potential showmances, the season’s twists and a candidate for most-hated HG of the season.

After the HGs enter the house, they go through the meet and greet and we start get a feeling of the actual personalities. And since we’ve only had the pre-show interviews to go on, some of the findings were surprising. For example, Nick is far less annoying. Kaitlin is better at Diary Rooms than I thought. Jessie is NOT sweet, but obnoxious. And Spencer is NOT a good ole boy. He’s kind of an asshole.

And right away, some of the guys — Howard, Spencer and Jeremy — head off to make the first meathead alliance of the season. Unfortunately they haven’t picked a horrible alliance name yet. But I bet by the time the Live Feeds start, they’ll have one.

Jeremy also gets into an alliance with Jessie and David. So basically, Jeremy is playing too hard too fast. And that’s OK, because as far as I can tell on Twitter, America already hates Jeremy so the harder he plays, the sooner he will be evicted.

Julie then chimes in to tell the HGs part of the twist. As we all already knew, there will be three nominees for eviction this season. But she doesn’t tell them who will be making the third nomination. Instead they head out back for the first Head of Household competition.

It’s a hanging endurance competition so of course the big guys drop first and all pretend like they meant to when we all know the big guys always suck at these comps. Then some people do legitimately throw the competition. Where there are only four left, Julie says the next person who drops has the chance to pick a have-not pass. That means they can’t be a have-not all summer. So David goes for it and he doesn’t win it. Jeremy drops next and wins the pass.

That leaves Nick and McCrae. Nicke strikes up a deal with McCrae. He makes all the usual promises, you know. So Nick drops and McCrae becomes the first HOH of the season.

Earlier before Elissa dropped, a group of people were talking about how familiar Elissa looks. Candice mentions that she looks like Rachel Reilly’s sister and then Judd, of all people, gets the lightbulb over his head that she IS Rachel’s sister.

I’m telling you, Elissa should have worn this disguise all summer:


After the new HOH is crowned, Julie lets the HGs in on the rest of the twist. She tells them about the BBMVP. America will vote for the BBMVP and they will nominate the third HG in secret. And this can all be done anonymously.

And while I think that twist is pretty sweet, it could also be a mess, depending on how it all plays out.

What did you think of the premiere and of the twist?

Most annoying moment of the night: The three guys forming an alliance

Most surprising moment of the night: Judd being the one to realize who Elissa is.

Best quote of the night: “I’m not gay, but if I was, I would tear him apart.” — McCrae on Howard.

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  1. Best BB recap so far! #TeamMcCrae Quotes – @AustinBarns

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  2. Here to support my Big Brother fam, and of course win a prize haha! -@therocprince

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  3. No way! Best quote of the night was when they all thought that there was no way McCrae was a pizza delivery boy!

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  4. Great recap! @Moe_Gallagher

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  5. I thought the premiere was absolutely fabulous. Love me some Andy. What a stinkin’ cutie pie! Miss Elissa needs to stop by my salon for some new extensions though…Lmbo

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