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Big Brother 15 Cast First Impressions


CBS has revealed the cast of 16 new HouseGuests that will be competing for the Big Brother 15 grand prize this summer!

And now it’s time to give them a nice good look and throw out my first impressions. Now I’ve always prided myself on being very good at first impressions. That’s usually thrown out the door with Big Brother. Like last season I thought Danielle would be the next Jordan. Boy was I wrong. So that being said, I’ll give it a try for BB15 and maybe my first impressions will be better this time around. Let’s get started.

I’ll be doing this in a report card form. (Note: My grades are based on Big Brother Network’s more in-depth cast interviews)


Aaryn Gries

Well she’s a “casual fan” and Big Brother “looks like the most fun ever… duh,” as she told Big Brother Network.  She can read people very well and studies psychology so that’s a good thing. And does she have a strategy? Eh. Not really. She does plan to play the social game. But her interview skills are lacking.

Aaryn’s Grades

  • Big Brother Knowledge: D-
  • Strategy plans: C
  • Interview/ Diary Room Potential: D
  • Competition potential: C- (she even says she’ll lose half the comps)
  • Average: C-

Superlative: Most likely to Kara Monaco her way out the door.


Amanda Zuckerman

She seems to be street smart and has lived all over. So she’ll be able to relate to people. But she does promise “verbal diarrhea.” So I’m looking forward to that. She’s watched Big Brother but not loyally, so she’s not a stranger but not hardcore. She’s very excited about the game it seems. She knows that she can’t totally bank on her strategy either, which is to go in guarded and underplaying herself.

Amanda’s Grades

  • Big Brother Knowledge: B+
  • Strategy plans: B+
  • Interview/Diary Room potential: A
  • Competition potential: A-
  • Average: A-

Superlative: Most likely to piss everyone off.


Andy Herren

Andy is the “wacky gay.” He even does improv comedy. He says he watches the show every summer, so he should know the game. He doesn’t appear to be an athlete, but I bet his sense of humor will help him develop a great social game. He also sounds very loyal. I don’t see him leaving the game very early.

Andy’s Grades

  • Big Brother Knowledge: A-
  • Strategy Plans: B+
  • Interview/Diary Room potential: A+
  • Competition potential: C+
  • Average: B+

Superlative: Most humorous/Most Likely To Get Sunburned so badly he’s removed from the game


Candice Stewart

She seems sweet and adventurous. She was an NFL cheerleader and Miss Louisiana. She seems to have a lot of stories, so she’ll either be really interesting or a shit talker. Meaning that she gives a lot of pageant answers. She also doesn’t know much about the show so it’ll be interesting how she plays.

Candice’s grades

  • Big Brother Knowledge: C
  • Strategy Plans: C
  • Interview/Diary Room potential: C
  • Competition potential: C
  • Average: C

Superlative: Most likely to slip a nip


David Girton

I can barely even tell what he’s saying. I think he might have been speaking English? Not sure. I think I gathered that he’s a surfer and kind of sort of watches Big Brother.

David’s Grades

  • Big Brother Knowledge: F
  • Strategy Plan: D
  • Interview/Diary Room potential: F
  • Competition potential: C (good physical, terrible mental)
  • Average: D-

Superlative: Most likely to talk about how much he misses weed


Elissa Slater

Yes, this is Rachel Reilly’s sister. And I feel like I can’t really grade her based on her interviews because I can tell she’s being a character. I might have to really save my judgments for when she forgets the cameras are on. She plans to hide that she’s Rachel’s sister, so I give her bonus points for that. But will she be able to pull it off? Not with all those super fans in the house. They’ll know Day 1.

Elissa’s grades

  • Big Brother Knowledge: A+
  • Strategy Plan: A
  • Interview/Diary Room potential: A
  • Competition potential: A
  • Average: A (You know she’ll be good TV)

Superlative: Teacher’s pet (Miss Grodner has one every year)


GinaMarie Zimmerman

We’ve got our Italian New Yorker. But oddly enough she’s a pageant coordinator. But her audition video sounds interesting. So I think she might have some fun tricks up her sleeve. She seems energetic and outgoing so we definitely need that in the house. She also seems to be ready for the comps!

GinaMarie’s grades

  • Big Brother knowledge: A-
  • Strategy plan: B-
  • Interview/Diary Room potential: A
  • Competition potential: A+
  • Average: A

Superlative: Most likely to hang upside down for 10 hours in an endurance competition


Helen Kim

We’ve got our mom of the house. And she’s an illness survivor. So she’s going to be freaking tough. She seems very smart and well-spoken and I have a feeling that she will be able to handle people. She’s been a fan from Season 8 on, so that coupled with her political strategy past, she might be a good game player.

Helen’s grades

  • Big Brother knowledge: B+
  • Strategy plan: A
  • Interview/Diary Room potential: A
  • Competition potential: B
  • Average: B+

Superlative: Most Likely To Succeed (I have a final three feeling about her)


Howard Overby

I hope Howard’s house mood is better than his interview mood. I think his interview was pretty boring. And he kept tossing around words like morals and God. You know, one of those people who never makes sense why they want to play Big Brother. He’s been an off-and-on fan of BB. At least he has a strong strategy plan.

Howard’s grades

  • Big Brother knowledge: C+
  • Strategy Plan: A+
  • Interview/Diary Room potential: F
  • Competition potential: A
  • Average: D+

Superlative: Most likely to say something homophobic about Prof. Dumbledore.


Jeremy McGuire

What did stand out about this guy for casting? What am I missing? Am I dreaming or is he the must dull HG in history. He’s even a complete newbie. Oh well, at least he has a sailboat. He even says his strategy is a “secret.” Zzzzzzzzz

Jeremy’s grades

  • Big Brother Knowledge: F
  • Strategy: F
  • Interview/Diary Room potential: F
  • Competition potential: C
  • Average: F

Superlative: Most likely to make me mute the TV


Jessie Kowalski

Another Texan. I’m getting suspicious of all these Texans. And all of these unemployed people. Weird. I’m happy that she’s an avid fan at least. I’m not sure she has a strong enough personality to make her a fan favorite or anything, but at least she knows and believes in the game. She does claim to be an over-achiever so maybe we can get a lot of pouting and anger when she loses a competition.

Jessie’s grades

  • Big Brother knowledge: A+
  • Strategy: B+
  • Interview/Diary Room potential: C+
  • Competition potential: A
  • Average: B+

Superlative: Most likely to cry in a bush


Judd Daughtery

Judd is a good ole boy. He comes from a small town and claims to have a lot of people skills. So that might help his game. He is also a super fan, so that’s a plus. He’s not the best interviewee, but he seems like he might be a fun HG. His story sounds very, very familiar. Like BB14 familiar…

Judd’s grades

  • Big Brother knowledge: A+
  • Strategy: B+
  • Interview/Diary Room potential: B
  • Competition potential: B
  • Average: B+

Superlative: Most Likely to be related to or know Frank Eudy.


Kaitlin Barnaby

We’ve got our token bartender. She says she’s athletic, a sweetheart and bad with confrontation. She is a complete newbie and was a total “recruit,” her words. Blah. She was actually found at a bar and it “just kind of fell into my lap,” as she says. Grrrr. Aside from her recruitment being annoying, there’s something about her that makes me nervous.

Kaitlin’s grades

  • Big Brother knowledge: F
  • Strategy: F
  • Interview/Diary room potential: C
  • Competition potential: D
  • Average: F

Superlative: Most likely to boil an ex-boyfriend’s bunny


McCrae Olson

So McCrae is likely a last-minute replacement due to his lack of media day interviews (aside from CBS), but that’s neither here nor there. McCrae needs a hair cut, but he seems kind of funny. He’s a super fan so I predict he’ll be one of the first to realize Elissa is Rachel’s sister. He loves being a delivery pizza guy and is proud. He has a good attitude.

McCrae’s grades

  • Big Brother Knowledge: A+
  • Strategy: B
  • Interview/Diary Room potential: A
  • Competition potential: C
  • Average: B+

Superlative: Most likely to masturbate in the Have-Not Room


Nick Uhas

Well this guy is going to be annoying. He’ll either do really well in the game or really awful. He’s definitely cocky and while confidence is great, cockiness isn’t. Maybe he’s just really full of shit during interviews. At least he’s a super fan, he says. So yeah, blowhard, a-hole, douchebag. Cannot wait to watch him walk out the door and the game hasn’t even started yet. I mean he called himself Spider-Man.

  • Big Brother Knowledge: A+
  • Strategy: A
  • Interview/Diary Room potential: A
  • Competition potential: A
  • Average: A but after factoring in the Douchebag Test results his average drops to a D-

Superlative: Most likely to naked most of the time


Spencer Clawson

Spencer is a railroad conductor. That might be a Big Brother first. He has the “gift of gab,” joke and laugh. He doesn’t present himself like a bag of laughs, but we’ll see how it goes when he is less aware of cameras. He’s a hardcore fan since season 6, so that’s a plus. And he really gets how Big Brother is misunderstood, so I like that about him. He also sounds very smart. So while clearly not an athlete, he might do well on the games where the HGs have to use their brains.

Spencer’s grades

  • Big Brother Knowledge: A+
  • Strategy: A+
  • Interview/Diary Room potential: B
  • Competition potential: C
  • Average: B+

Superlative: Most likely to smoke on the patio 24/7

What do you think of the Big Brother 15 cast! Please share your thoughts in our comments section below!

— by Branden Barker, Reality Radar


Author: Branden

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  1. I love Aaryn! Shes my early fav. So sweet and genuine and I think the HG will like her.

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  2. I LOVE McCrae!!! I think it will be #TeamMcCrae for me this year!!!

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  3. Hmmmm…. I am a die-hard but I’m seriously considering passing this summer. The super pass thing.. The dumb twists.. Total life blackout for 3 months. I’m still on the fence. I’ll be kicking myself when my timeline is full of bb. Shit. I’m sure I’ll get sucked right back in.

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